VSTS Extension for Azure Role Based Access Control

Today I published an extension for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) that gives you the ability to add and remove role based access assignments in Azure.

VSTS Extension

The screenshot below shows the extension.




The extension can do two actions:

  • Remove an Azure Role Assignment on a Resource Group.
  • Add an Azure Role Assignment on a Resource Group.

Other arguments on this extension are:

Argument Description
Azure Subscription The Azure Subscription
Resource Group The Azure Resource group to configure
Action The specific action to take: Add or Remove
Azure Role Assignment The role to assign or remove
Users or Group Perform the action for users or groups
Groups Visible when Groups action is picked. In this field you need to specify the group names. For multiple separate by (‘,’)
Users Visible when Users action is picked. In this field you need to specify the user principal names of the users. For multiple separate by (‘,’)
Fail on Error Boolean value whether the task should fail when an error occurs



GitHub: https://github.com/MaikvanderGaag/msft-vsts-extensions

Marketplace: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=maikvandergaag.maikvandergaag-azurerbac

Issues: https://github.com/MaikvanderGaag/msft-vsts-extensions/issues

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