Invoke Azure Function in your Visual Studio Team Services CI/CD pipeline

1 minute read

A utility task is available for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to invoke an http triggered Azure function. The ability to invoke a Function from your CI/CD pipeline offers a lot of new possibilities within those pipelines.


The Arguments that you can configure on the utility task:

Argument Description
Azure function URL The URL of the Azure function to invoke.
Function key The value of the available function or the host key for the function to invoke.
Request body The request body for the Azure function call.
Execution mode Synchronous mode (the default), or Asynchronous call where the Azure function calls back to update the timeline record.
Response parse expression How to parse the response body for success.



When adding this task to a CI/CD pipeline you have to add a “Agentless phase”. To invoke an Function an agent isn't required.



In the agentless phase add the “Invoke Azure Function” task.



And configure the action as needed.