Review of 2019

3 minute read

For a couple of years, I have been doing a lot of community
work. The most of it was blogging on the various platforms I had during the
last decade. This year I wanted to take it even further and do a lot more
things in which I failed miserably.


2019 has been on great and amazing on one side and a very hard one on the other side. Personally, I had great moments like the birth of my son Jurre but also a lot of worrier about my kids. But he, if I didn’t want to worry about my kids, I shouldn’t have taken them right ?. One thing is for certain they are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

One thing is also trough because of the worries and the restful
nights I have got into as much stuff as I have wanted that is a pity, but family
comes first and that leaves me to an even better 2020.

Dutch Cloud Meetup

In January I started one of my long-lasting ideas in
reaching out to the community on a regular base but also suppling the community
with regular events in and around Rotterdam. I made this choose because most of
the events in the Netherlands are held in Amsterdam which is a hassle to travel
to after a hard day of work.

That why I founded the Dutch Cloud Meetup and asked Henry
Been to help me organize event. This year we already had two great events. One
at my employer 3fifty and another at Ibis. For the year 2020 we have even more events
planned and are working for a large event in March with an international speaker.


Another opportunity I got this year was the ability to be a technical
reviewer of a book that is being written by Henry Been. After reviewing a
couple of chapters I have even been asked as a Co-author for a chapter in the
book. I accepted and the book will be published somewhere in the beginning of

Speaking Engagements

Next to blogging I wanted to start with speaking as different
events. Because of personally situations I have not been able to speak at as
many events as I wanted but have been able to do a few:

  • Govern your Azure platform with Azure Policies @
    Dutch Cloud Meetup
  • Evolving PowerShell scripts into Azure Pipeline
    extensions @ SDN Event

If you are ever looking for a speaker that a look at my
speaker profile on Sessionize.


All together it has been an amazing year with a lot of opportunities
and other nice things. All together I can’t wait until 2020 will start and all
the nice things I will be able to do and start.

In 2020 you can also expect a lot more blog post from me.