The past three months of a technology junkie

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The last couple of months I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like because it has been a real roller coaster for me and my family. For some reason we always do everything at the same time. My girlfriend was pregnant of our third child and we also decided to move to a new house. On 11 march my girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful son called Jurre Finn. I'm so proud of her and happy with our new son. During this period, we also had to arrange a lot regarding our new house where we will be moving in in July. This means that I will be busy the upcoming two months as well.


During the upcoming two months I will try to be as active as possible but as you can imagine it will not be as much as always. Besides the personal stuff of the last three months I also succeeded to finish some personal objectives.

Dutch Cloud Meetup

In February
I started a usergroup called “Dutch Cloud Meetup” in this usergroup we want to
discuss various cloud related topics.

The first meetup is scheduled for 12 June! I hope to see you there.

SDN Event

I will be presenting on Azure DevOps extensions at the SDN event of 14 June in the Netherlands.

ALM | DevOps Rangers

In March I
became one of the ALM and DevOps Rangers. The ALM | DevOps rangers is a group
of people that provide practical learning, guidance, experience, and
open-source solutions for the ALM and DevOps community.

As mentioned above I will be busy until the end of July and try to do as much as possible but from August on I will be back in business and restart my blogging activity.