During my free time I find it rewarding to build extensions for tooling that I use from day to day. I share these extensions via GitHub and the marketplaces of the tooling. Via the comment section or via GitHub you can file features request or request for extensions.


The source code of the extensions van be found on my extension repository on GitHub.

Azure Key Vault actions

“Azure Key Vault actions” is an extension for performing default actions within a Azure Key vault. It contains actions like:

  • Get Azure Key Vault secret value
  • Add / Update Azure Key Vault secret
  • Remove Azure Key Vault secret
  • Add access policy
  • Remove access policy
  • Import Azure Key Vault certificate
  • Get Azure Key Vault certificate Uri

GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/master/azuredevops/azurekeyvault

Marketplace: Azure Key Vault actions

Azure Resource Group Tagging

“Azure Resource Group Tagging” is an extension for tagging resource groups with certain tag values. I mainly use it to tag resource groups with the release number. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/master/azuredevops/azurergtag Marketplace: Azure Resource Group Tagging

Azure Resource Group with Tags and Lock

“Azure Resource Group with Tags and Lock” is a extension that allows you to create resource groups with tags and locks. With the default Microsoft extension it is not possible to create a resource groups with tags and locks. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/master/azuredevops/azureresourcegroup Marketplace: Azure Resource Group with Tags and Lock

Power BI Actions

Extension for Azure DevOps that gives you different kind of actions on PowerBI. Actions that are supported are: Publish PowerBI file, update the connection string of a report. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/powerbiactions MarketplacePowerBI Actions

Trigger Azure DevOps Pipeline

“Trigger Azure DevOps Pipeline” is an extension for triggering an Build or Release Pipeline in a Azure DevOps project. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/triggerpipeline Marketplace: Trigger Azure DevOps Pipeline

Version number counter

Version number counter is an extension for Azure Pipelines where this extension increments the version number on each run. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/versioncounter MarketplaceVersion number counter

Azure RBAC

Extension for Azure DevOps that gives you the ability to add and remove role based access assignments in Azure. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/azurerbac MarketplaceAzure RBAC

Publish Stream Analytics Transformation

Publish Stream Analytics Transformation is a simple task for Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines that publishes a stream analytics transformation based on a query file within source control.a variable. GitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/publishstreamanalyticstransformation Marketplace:Publish Stream Analytics Transformation

File Content To Variable

File content to variable is a simple task for Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines that extracts the content of a file and places it within a variable. GitHub: https://github.com/MaikvanderGaag/msft-extensions/tree/develop/azuredevops/filecontenttovariable MarketplaceFile Content To Variable

[deprecated] Publish PowerBI files with Azure DevOps

Publish PowerBI files with Azure DevOps is a simple task for Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines that publishes a PowerBI file to powerbi.com. This extension is discontinued you should use the extension “PowerBI ActionsGitHub: https://github.com/maikvandergaag/msft-extensions/tree/master/azuredevops/publishpowerbifile Marketplace: Publish PowerBI files More information about this extension can be found on the following websites: