Testing ARM Templates in Azure DevOps

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Two days Ago I published the post "Testing ARM Templates" that mentioned the ARM-TTK PowerShell Module Microsoft is creating to test ARM templates. After writing the post I couldn’t resist creating a Azure DevOps Pipeline tasks that integrates the tooling.

ARM Template Tester

With the “ARM Template Tester” you have the option of testing your Azure Resource Manager templates within a build or release pipeline. The tasks itself does not have a lot of parameters that need to be set in order to use the extension:

  • Template folder: The folder for testing the ARM templates
  • Stop on violation: Stop pipeline execution on a violation of the rules in the template
ARM Template Tester Task

The extension itself does not have a lot of functionality at
this moment but I will try to extend it in the next couple of weeks/months. If
you have a great idea or want to help extending this task send me a email a
file an issue within GitHub.

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