How I try to keep up with technology

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is changing in a very fast pace. If we look at Microsoft technologies like
Azure, you see changes every week. Because of this I get a lot of questions
from clients and colleagues how I keep up with all the changes and new


As a
consultant I travel a lot in my car, while traveling I’m almost always
listening to a Podcast. For this I use a tool called “Pocket Cast” that I
control via Android Auto in my car.

Podcasts that I listen to now are:


listening to podcasts I read a lot of books and articles. For this I use my
e-reader that is stacked with a lot of e-books. Besides that, I sync blog
articles to the devices by using Pocket.

To get a
good overview of the blog posts that I read I use a tool called “Feedly” ( with feedly you get a good overview of the
articles that are new and also mark them as read. On my mobile device (Google
Pixel 2) I use the feedly native application for when I’m not working on my laptop.
On my Windows 10 device I use the application Nextgen Reader.

The blogs
that I follow are:

Other sources

As a consultant
I have access to the Microsoft Advisors channel were we receive information and
notification about new functionalities in Azure or Azure DevOps. Next to these
source I have access to all the training material of Microsoft as a certified
trainer. My skillpipe account is full of books (MOC) that I read to stay up to
date and certified.


If you have
any recommendation on podcasts or blogs that I should follow please let me know.