Updates to my VSTS extensions

1 minute read

Since a couple of months I have been developing extensions for Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS). I created extensions for task I had to do manual a couple of times. Last week I updated all of my extensions.

File Content to Variable

Small extension to save the content of a file within a variable. Release 2.2.0 contains some small fixes and updated tagging information.


Publish Stream Analytics Transformation

Small extension to publish a “asql” file to a Stream analytics Job. Release 1.2.0 contains some small fixes and updated tagging information.


Publish Power BI File

This extension allows you to publish your PowerBI files to PowerBI.com. Because I had many update request I have updated the extension with new functionality and also renamed it more appropriate. The new function is called “PowerBI Actions”.

Because there is a new extension this extension is discontinued.


PowerBI Actions

This extension is the evolved extension of “Publish PowerBI File” this extension contains a couple of new functionalities. The complete functionality list:

  • Publish a PowerBI file to PowerBI.com in the “me” workspace or create a workspace when needed.
  • Update the connection string of a DirectQuery dataset.


Azure Role Based Access Control

An extension to perform Azure Role Based Access Control actions within Azure. Release 1.2.0 contains some small fixes.



I hope you guys like my extensions. If you have any ideas, comments or features request please let me know. More information about my extensions can be found on GitHub: