Global Azure Bootcamp - Pass-through authentication with an Azure API Application

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This weekend my employer Motion10 hosted one of the many Global Azure Bootcamp around the world. Where I presented about API Applications and .Net Core.

This year there where 244 confirmed event locations, that held a one-day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing solutions for Azure.

During this day I had the honor to present about Azure API Applications, and two colleagues of my presented about other parts of Azure: Tomasso Groenendijk (Azure MVP), Bobby Bregman and Jesse Gorter.

With this blog I want to share all the information I created and shared with the attendants of the event hoping to get you up to speed as well.


You can download a package at the bottom of this blog. In this package there are three labs:

  • Lab 1 - Getting started with the Azure API application
  • Lab 2 - Extend the Azure API App to pass through authentication to Azure SQL Database
  • Lab 3 - Configure Azure Active Directory and the API
  • Lab 4 - Test Application

Lab 1

Lab 1 while give a short introduction on how to work with Azure API Applications and Visual Studio. During this lab you will create an Azure API Application and deploy source files from Visual Studio to Azure

Lab 2

Lab 2 extends the API application to pass-through the identity of the current user.

Lab 3

Lab 3 while configure Azure Active Directory to allow pass-through authentication

Lab 4

During Lab 4 creates a Test application to test the application




All content from the complete day can be downloaded from GitHub: