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While browsing the internet and reading blog posts I usually find very useful links or great resources that I could use in many situation. The problem is that over time a lose these resources, so it is a good time to write them down and also share them with my readers.

When I find new resources I will update this post with the correct links and descriptions.

Temporary CORS Pass trough

Online there is a Azure Web App build that enables CORS pass trough for several situations. 1 example is storing your Swagger metadata file within Blob Strorage.


The URI property can contain any URL you want to temporary enable CORS on.

Azure Developer Guide

Guide for Azure Developers on how to develop on Azure from day one using common app design scenarios.


Azure CDN Endpoint Interactive Map

The Microsoft Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) Interactive Map shows the location of each of the Microsoft Azure CDN endpoints plotted over a map using the Bing Maps v8 JavaScript SDK.

This project is hosted as open source on Github:

This interactive map is created by: Chris Pietschmann


Microsoft Azure Region Map

The Microsoft Azure Region Map shows the location of each Microsoft Azure Region plotted over a map using the Bing Maps v8 JavaScript SDK.

Region locations can be retrieved by using a Azure CLI command:

azure location list --json

This project is hosted as open source on Github:

This interactive region map is created by: Chris Pietschmann


Markdown Cheat sheet

When writing your documentation in markdown it is great to have a cheat sheet for the correct syntax. This one is intended as a quick reference and showcase. For more complete info, you can view the original specs John Gruber’s original spec and the Github-flavored Markdown info page.


Cheat sheet Collection

A great collection of cheat sheet for several scenario’s for example:

  • C#
  • .Net
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Wordpres
  • and many more


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