Managing your Azure Hybrid Connection with PowerShell

When you have a Azure Hybrid Connection setup the wrong way, you can delete the connection trough the UI but then the Hybrid Connection Manager still knows the connection.

If you for example are moving things around and you would like to keep the connection within the UI you will have to use PowerShell to alter the connections.

All connection strings needed can be found within the Azure Portal

Adding a Connection to the Hybrid Connection Manager

Add-HybridConnection -ConnectionString [ConnectionString]

Get all configured connections



or with specific properties

Get-HybridConnection | select -Property Uri


Get a specific connection

Get-HybridConnection -Uri [URI]


Get-HybridConnection -ConnectionString [ConnectionString]



Remove a specific connection

Remove-HybridConnection -Uri [URI]


Remove-HybridConnection -ConnectionString [ConnectionString]

Update connection string

Update-HybridConnection -ConnectionString [ConnectionString]


ref: Microsoft Information

4 Replies to “Managing your Azure Hybrid Connection with PowerShell”

  1. Hey can you point me to the PowerShell commands for creating the Azure part (as opposed HCM which lives on-premises) of the hybrid connections?


    1. Not sure why the OP didn’t explain this, but it’s in the application folder for the Hybrid Connection Manager UI:

      Import-Module “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\HybridConnectionManager X.X\Microsoft.HybridConnectionManager.Commands.dll”

      X.X denoting the version number.

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