Article Published DIWUG Magazine 14 – Management of Host Named Site Collections

1 minute read

A while ago I wrote an article about the management of host named site collections in SharePoint 2013. The magazine it was written for was released today.

If you want to read the article you can download it here, you can find my article on page 35:

Management of Host Named Site Collections

The PDF is the complete DIWUG magazine that you can also download from the DIWUG website. The complete magazine contains the following articles:

    • Exploring the changes to how Office 365 uses SharePoint to manage documents in Dynamics CRM - Peter Baddeley
    • SharePoint 2013 Search Find Content - Ronald Laan
    • In a nutshell: Identity delegation leveraging the Claims to Windows Token Service - Spencer Harbar
    • 10 tips to drive user adoption - Jasper Oosterveld
    • Management of host-named site collections - Maik van der Gaag
    • Are “Out of the Box” SharePoint solutions right for you? - Neil Richards
    • SharePoint Lists in Access Apps - Christiaan Blaauw

Let me know what you think about the article!!