Deploy SharePoint Solutions with Release Management

1 minute read

In one of my previous post (Configuring Web Site Binding with Release Management) I showed how you can make a custom action for Release Management to configure web bindings.

As described in that post Release Management is a tool that provides a continuous deployment solution that makes release cycles repeatable, visible, and more efficient by automating deployments through every environment from test to production.

When you want to make use of Release Management in a scenario were you will deploy your SharePoint solutions within your DTAP environment you have to make some custom actions / components in order to facilitate this functionality.

In a upcoming series of posts I will work you trough the process of making and adjusting the TFS Build template in order to build your SharePoint solutions and how to make a custom PowerShell component for Release Management to deploy your SharePoint solutions.

  1. Part 1 – Customize the Release Management Build template.
  2. Part 2 – Create a custom component to deploy the SharePoint Solutions.
  3. Part 3 – Creating the Release Template that runs after the Build.

In this series of posts I assume that you have setup your build server in order to build SharePoint solutions. If not read this article on MSDN:

The individual parts will be written down in the upcoming weeks. I will try to write a Part a week but I also have to attend to the TechEd in Barcelona so I don’t know If I will be able to write down a post in that week.