SharePoint License Versions versus Versions

As a SharePoint developer you do not often get the question what SharePoint version do we need to install. In many situations we see that the Enterprise license is installed.

For a project I’m currently working on I got the question to stick to the SharePoint 2013 Standard license. Having this requirement we were looking for a list of features we could use within a Standard license.

Searching on the internet supplied as a lot of resources but all these resources were all very different.

Finally we found a link that pointed us to a TechNet article:

This article contains a lot of information regarding the following things:

  • Differences in features across Office 365 plans.
  • Subscription options.
  • SharePoint Online boundaries and limits.
  • Differences in features across standalone plans.
  • Differences in features across on-premise solutions (Differences between: SharePoint Foundation, Standard and Enterprise).

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