Review: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook

1 minute read

Recently I have been asked to review a new SharePoint 2010 book named “Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development Cookbook” written by Ed Musters.

When I received the book I expected a book with a lot of recipes to get things done in SharePoint. The sub-title off the book “Over 45 recipes to take you from beginner to professional in SharePoint Development” made me expect to really learn how things are done within SharePoint.

The book starts off with a recipe to create a SharePoint development environment. The way this is done in the book is not that representative to a real world scenario. Installing everything on the same account van cause serious issues when you are working within DTAP environments.

The rest of the book consists off all kind of different recipes that you can use separately. The main problem that I had with the recipes was that they don’t go very deep into the subject. This makes the sub-title from beginner to professional not really true.

It was ok to read this book but I do not recommend it!!