Windows PowerShell command builder

1 minute read

Today I found something interesting on the internet which I think can help everyone who is working with SharePoint. Microsoft has built a Silverlight application that can be used to build PowerShell commands.
Microsoft says:
the Windows PowerShell Command Builder enables IT professionals and power users to visually assemble commands related to SharePoint 2010 Products and Office 365 on a Design Surface in a browser and take those commands to their respective products. The Windows PowerShell Command Builder provides an intelligent user experience. After you drag a verb or noun object on the Design Surface, the interface will hide either the verbs or nouns that are not associated with the verb or noun placed on the Design Surface. After you construct a command, you can copy the command to Windows PowerShell script, the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, or other desired location to be saved or executed.
You use the tool by clicking here. You can also install it on your desktop by right clicking on the application.
Microsoft also released some guides to get started with the tool: