CKS – Development Tools Version 2.0

​On 17 may a new version of the CKS Developemt tools edition was released. The community kit for SharePoint: Development tools edition is a extension for Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint templates. These extensions help you to have a greater productivity when your are developing SharePoint Solutions.


New in version 2.0:

  • WSPBuilder conversion tool (WCT) – This release of the WSPBuilder project importer project template allows a developer to migrate a SharePoint root based project structure to the new SharePoint Tool SPIs based file layout. The WCT is packaged with both Foundation and Server editions of CKSDev. This version incorporates even more translations from 12 root to SharePoint SPI.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Shorter Keyboard shortcuts for the menu items provided by the extension. New key strokes based on community feedback, keyboard shortcut chords to Alt+C for copy operations or Alt+R for recycle operations or Alt+A for attach to processes
  • Contextual web part SPI – New web part SPI which adds a contextual ribbon button to the web part template.
  • Central administration page SPI – New central administration page SPI.
  • Options for CKSDev – New options for Visual Studio to enable/disable the CKSDev extension elements.
  • Updated Branding SPI – Improvements to the Branding SPI including the css references and master page update.

You can download the version from the visual studio extension gallery:


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