Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2

A few days ago I started setting up an internal development environment for SharePoint. This environment needed to exist of a Domain server, Database server and of course a SharePoint Server.
The R2 of Windows Server 2008 was just released so I thought lets install everything on the R2 version. All went fine until I begun with the installation of SharePoint 2007.
The installation told me that the version that I was installing was not compatible with the server version. This error was shown because you van only install SharePoint 2007 SP2 on the R2 version of windows server 2009. We had no installation disk of SP2 (I don’t even think one exists, correct me if I’m wrong), so we had to merge the current installation (SharePoint 2007 SP1) with the updates of SP2.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Copy the installation folder from your installation disc to your local hard drive.
  • Download Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 and the Windows SharePoint Services SP2.
  • Extract the downloaded updates files to the installation folder you copied from your disc. You have to make sure you extract the files to the upgrades folder. By doing the following:
    • [update filename] /extract:”[upgrade folder location of the folder you copied from the disc]“
    • For example:Wssv3sp2-kb953338-x64-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:C:\Original\Updates
  • Make sure you extract both the updates (Download Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 and the Windows SharePoint Services SP2).
  • When you have extracted the update files remove the “Wsssetup.dll” from the updates folder

Know you are ready to install Download Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 from the folder on your hard disk. For more information you can always read the TechNet article (

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