Information Management Policy Configuration

1 minute read

In 2008 I wrote a post about testing your custom expiration policy (here). In this post I explained that the expiration policy is only runs once day what is correct (depends on the setting in Central Administration), I also describe that you can’t run it at a specific time to test you custom policy, only if you would write custom code. For that reason I created a console application that you can find here to run the expiration policy. Today, when I was learning for the SharePoint 2007 Administration certificate I found something new that made my post about testing a expiration policy not true. I found out that you can run the expiration policy without writing custom code or using my application.

To do this follow the following steps:

1 – Goto “Central Administration”

2 – Click on “Operations”

3 – Click on “Information management policy configuration” within the section “Security Configuration”

4 – Click on the Policy you would like to test. In this example it is the expiration policy.

5 – Press on “Process Expired Items Now”