Windows SharePoint Services on Vista

1 minute read

It has been there for a while WSS on Vista but I never tried it out. Last night I had some spare time so I thought let’s give it a try on my home desktop machine where I’m running Vista Business.

At first I thought I would get in a lot of trouble installing WSS on my Vista Machine, but after installing IIS it all went like a charm. After IIS I downloaded SQL 2008 Express edition from the Microsoft site and installed it on my machine. After that I was ready to begin with the installation of WSS.

I followed the steps that are explained on the Community site of Bamboo:
BamBoo How To Install WSS on Vista

After I followed those steps it worked great and I am now using my desktop PC for development against the SharePoint object model.

Tanks Bamboo for this great solution, and for all the SharePoint guys that have vista installed, you should really try this out!